& Benefits

We are completely dedicated to assisting our clients, within all areas of Compensation & Benefits, locally and internationally.

Equal Salary

Analysis & Verification

With our expertise as expert in equal salary practices, we can help you comply with the new Equality Law requirements, and beyond

HR Generalist

& Expert

With 25+ years of HR experience in large/medium sized companies, we can provide solutions to almost any HR issue.

Our services

We offer you


Based on our business philosophy and experience, we know that a well working recipe in a specific context or organisation, could possibly not work at all in a different one.

As a result, we will always develop a solution that will be completely customized to your needs and reality.


AS-HR Consulting is very proud to be completely independent from any methodology or any other big consulting organisation.

In our view, this is the only way to propose the best solution, customized or off-the-shelf, for our clients.


We are convinced that a Human Resources function needs to be the leading example of efficiency in a company.

As a consequence, we are firm believers that any solution proposed needs to be as simple and powerful as possible to introduce, and manage.

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