AS HR Consulting

Audit of the salary structure
Field of activity : Public entity (CH)


A public structure active in the field of migration called upon our expertise to audit their salary system and to define a strategy for the coming years. We analyzed in detail the current salary structure and its evolution over the last 3 years, using a methodology specific to AS-HR. The following topics were addressed:

  • salary grade structure
  • range of the bands
  • overlaps
  • compa-ratios & compa-max
  • linear regression of wage predictors
  • wage increases
  • characteristics of the salaries of individuals entering and leaving the firm
  • potential gender-based wage differences

The results allowed us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the system, the actions needed to reform the current system, and the roadmap for doing so. We also prepared the approach for a salary benchmark, and accompanied the HR manager in this project.

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