AS HR Consulting

Logib Certification (Equality Law)
Field of activity : Cantonal Administration (CH)


A cantonal administration contacted us to carry out the entire equal pay expertise according to the requirements of the new Law on Equality. We benefited from our knowledge as an expert for the Federal Office of Equality (BFEG) and for the Office of Equality between Women and Men (BEFH) of the canton of Vaud, to deploy the Logib methodology and carry out the complete certification according to the official federal criteria.

In order to allow the administration to refine its analysis, we then used a linear regression methodology independent of Logib, to be able to add several additional evaluation criteria, and thus have much more granular results. We then calculated the gender-neutral salary for each employee and compared it to the current salary. In this way, it was possible to precisely identify all individual cases that were exposed from an equal pay point of view. A number of recommendations were then made.

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