AS HR Consulting

Implementation of a new salary structure
Field of activity : Private School (CH)


A large private high school in German-speaking Switzerland was facing increasing internal and external equity issues related to its salary structure.

Following an audit of the salary system, our client decided to initiate a re-evaluation of all functions and to rebuild a more equitable salary hierarchy and grades.

However, we quickly came to the conclusion that it did not make sense to deploy a heavy, complex and very expensive evaluation tool in an SME. Based on our philosophy of thinking about the client’s problem from the inside, we therefore developed a hybrid job evaluation methodology adapted to both the size of the company and its specific teaching reality.

Working with the management team and the board of directors, we completed the job evaluation, created the new salary hierarchy and the new salary ranges. We also made sure that the evaluation tool was understood and assimilated by the project team, so that they could be autonomous in the future management of their salary system.

We also accompanied the team in the implementation of the new salary review system and the new performance evaluation tool.

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